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Clinical consultation

Priory Hospital, Altrincham

Watergate House, Chester

Remote video



ADHD initial assessment

Initial assessment appointment with Dr Rogerson

Face to face at Priory Altrincham or remote video

This appointment is required for ADHD assessment and includes:

Clinical and psychosocial assessment

Developmental and psychiatric history

Review of observer reports and corroborative history

Completion of suite of rating scales

Structured assessment using DIVA 5.0

Baseline health and cardiovascular assessment

(height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and 6-lead ECG) for face to face assessments

QB Check computer based assessment

Diagnosis and formulation

Information regarding treatments and support

Letter to GP and copy to patient

Fee: £750 (face to face)

Fee: £650 (online)


ADHD QB Check 

QB check is a computer based assessment which measures the core ADHD symptoms including inattention, activity, and impulsivity.


Each patient is then compared to an age and gender-matched control group and an ADHD control group providing and understanding of the severity of symptoms.

The assessment provides additional objective evidence to support a clinical ADHD assessment.


It may not be used as a stand-alone assessment of ADHD.

Fee includes e-voucher for QB check and 30 minute online consultation to discuss results.

Fee: £175 (online)


Psychiatry Initial consultation

Initial psychiatry assessment appointment with

Dr Rogerson.

This appointment is suitable for most clients and includes assessment, formulation, recommended treatment and letter to GP (where requested)

All appointments are for minimum of 90 minutes to allow for a comprehensive assessment and advice.

Fee: £335 (face to face)

Fee: £295 (remote video)


Review appointment.

Review appointment with Dr Rogerson

These appointments are appropriate for:


ADHD review and titration following initial assessment

Review and monitoring of other issues following initial consultation.

Fee: £125 (face to face)

Fee: £75 (remote video)

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ADHD self-help and psychological therapy

We are able to provide referral for psychological and self-help support both in person and can also provide self-directed materials and computer-based materials.

Information will be provided at your appointment.

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Psychological therapy

We are able to provide referral to a range of psychological therapists including Person-centred counselling, CBT, DBT skills, EMDR and trauma-focussed psychological therapists to support you recovery and growth.

Information will be provided at your appointment.

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